4 Types of Pizza Cuts

September 6, 2022 | Jimini Food Groups

What are the types of pizza cuts?

  1. Classic
  2. Square
  3. Strips
  4. Small Triangles

A lot of things go into a pizza order. Before you finally take a bite on that slice, you first decide on the type of pizza, toppings, crust style, and sauce type. Once you have chosen the ingredients, you may think that the selection part is done. But, there is one more decision to make and that is how you want your pizza sliced. Today, we’ll explore the different types of pizza cuts. 

If you think the cut of a pizza is not important, think of this other situation. After preparing your pizza, you start slicing it. Then, you realized that you unevenly cut the pizza and it won’t be enough to equally share between the guests. Preparing another pizza should solve the problem, but what about your budget? Today, many pizza chains have their own cutting method, but you can try to request the type of pizza cut as well. 

Know the different types of pizza cuts such as the classic triangle cut, strips cut, square cut, or small triangles cut by reading on. We also talk about why to choose one pizza cut over the other.  

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The most classic type of pizza cut is the triangle cut. There’s no doubt that the classic triangle cut is a popular method of cutting not only pizza but also pies. 

The top benefit of the classic triangle pizza cut is that it evenly splits the pizza for various numbers of people. While eating with your friends or other loved ones, this pizza cut provides decent and even slices. 

Another great thing about the classic triangle pizza cut is it allows people to bite from the soft center, which is where all the toppings are laid out. That means you get to eat from the middle of the pizza all the way out to the crust.

But when it comes to which toppings match the classic triangle pizza cut, the answer would be a minimal topping layer. This type of pizza cut is not ideal for holding overloaded toppings. 


And if the toppings are your favorite part when it comes to eating pizzas, you’d want to go for the square cut. Too many toppings on a classic triangle cut can weigh on the narrower slice portion and the toppings will, unfortunately, fall off. This won’t happen with a square pizza cut.   

Larger pizzas typically come with heavy toppings and this is why they are cut into square slices. Square-cut pizzas are more durable and can hold a larger topping weight. That means there’s less chance for toppings to fall onto your lap. 

For bigger crowds, square pizza cuts are also more ideal because the toppings are evenly spread. In addition, everyone gets a good amount of pizza because there are more slices. The cuts showcase a standard square. The only exception to these are the corners of the pizza, which can make a more triangular cut. 



Alternatively, you can cut your pizza into strips. Four to six-inch strips of pizza are not only easy to hold and eat, but also ideal for dipping into all kinds of sauces that you order on the side. Popular sauce options to go with pizza include marinara sauce, buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing. 

With a square pizza cut, there is a big chance that you won’t be able to fit the pizza into the dipping cup. On the other hand, the classic triangle cut might only fit the tip of the pizza.   

The strip-cut pizza makes an ideal appetizer or side during dinners. For instance, you can start cutting your pizza into strips before the main course is served. 

Small Triangles

Adults can easily handle large triangle pizza cuts. Over the years, adults might have already mastered how to properly support the slice weight with each bite. However, this might not be the case with children as they are still developing their motor skills and strength.

That said, the small triangle pizza cut is ideal for children. With this, a regular 6-slice triangle pizza cut can turn into 12 narrow slices. The pizza still has the class shape, but the triangles are much easier to hold on to. 

Key Takeaway 

Now that we’ve discussed the different types of pizza cuts, we hope you already know which one is right for you. Restaurants might not always allow your pizza cut of choice, but you can always prepare your own pizza at home. 

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