Pizza Delivery in the Philippines from Jimini

June 2, 2022

It’s a fact: everybody loves pizza delivery in the Philippines! Whether it’s for an event, a get-together, or just to enjoy by yourself, pizza is the staple comfort food for almost anyone! Getting delicious pizza for delivery in the Philippines at your doorstep is one of the best rewards or experiences ever. Here at Jimini, we want you to experience a whole new pizza experience that bring smiles!

Our Fresh Pizzas For Delivery

Want to know what you can get from our pizza delivery in the Philippines? Check out our lists for Santino’s Supreme Slice Pizza and Pizza Pedrico’s here!

Santino’s Supreme Slice Pizza Pizza Price List

Santino’s Supreme Slice Pizza offers supreme pizza slices that are fast, filling, and topped with premium Italian flavors. You can buy a single Supreme Slice, get a Bitbit box with 4 pizza slices, or have your fill with 8 slices from our Supreme Box of 8’s!

Supreme Italian Flavors To Chose From:

  • Barbecue Beef and Mushroom
  • Hawaiian Madness
  • Pepperoni Sorpresa
  • Bacon Sausage Bonanza
  • Spicy Tuna Tropicale
  • Chicken Hawaiian Supreme


  • Supreme Slice: ₱28
  • Bitbit Box: ₱120
  • Supreme Box of 8’s: ₱224

Pizza Pedrico’s Price List

Pizza Pedrico’s, the Paborito Pizza of the Filipinos is best to share with your family and friends! Enjoy a wide array of Pizza Pedrico’s Paboritos – the signature 4 Pizza-in-a-Box, 5-inch Whole Solo Pizza, Solo Slice with overloaded toppings, or the 10-inch pizza with overloaded toppings in our special square pizza Variety Box!

Paborito Flavors TO Choose From:

Original Paborito Rounds

  • Cheez and Cheez
  • Ham and Cheez
  • Chorizo and Cheez
  • Ham + Sausage and Cheez
  • Ham + Pineapple and Cheez
  • Sausage + Pepperoni and Cheez
  • Garlic Mushroom Melt

Special Variety Box

  • Pedrico’s Supreme
  • Meat Lover’s Delight
  • Hawaiian Supreme


  • Original Rounds: ₱50
  • 4-Pizza-in-a-Box: ₱195
  • Solo Slice: ₱30
  • Special Square Variety Box: ₱230

NOTE: All prices, payment options, and product availability may vary depending on your selected delivery platform and location.

How To Get A Pizza Delivery from Jimini

Excited to enjoy Jimini’s delicious, fresh, and nutritious pizzas? Here’s how to get pizza delivery in the Philippines from Jimini!

Choose a Flavor

Feel free to choose from our wide array of flavors above when you order your choice of pizza for delivery. Don’t forget to check the size, quantity, and price for you to enjoy hassle-free pizza delivery in the Philippines.

Order Online Through Our Delivery Platforms

Are we good with flavor, serving size, and quantity? Then it’s time to order your delicious, fresh, and nutritious pizzas! The beauty of pizza delivery in the Philippines is that there are online platforms you can choose from. You can order online your favorite Jimini pizza brands at your convenience via foodpanda, Grabfood, Naber, FrozenMNL, and Pacific Bay. Note that the prices may vary per platform. Various payment options are also accepted!

Wait for Delivery and Enjoy

Once you’ve given us your order, we’ll take care of the rest. Sit back, relax, and look forward to a whole new pizza experience!

Enjoy Pizzas Anytime At Home With Jimini’s Frozen-Fresh Pizza Delivery in the Philippines!

Why wait for pizza delivery? We got you! Enjoy delicious Frozen-Fresh pizzas that you can just pop in the oven any time of the day! Jimini Chicago Style Pizza, Jimini Top Your Own Pizza, Jimini Pizza Bar, and Pizza Pedrico’s Easy Bake Easy To Go! Pizza are all Jimini’s Frozen-Fresh pizza creations that you can conveniently order online via PandaMart, GrabMart, Naber, FrozenMNL, and Pacific Bay, stock them up in your freezers, pop in the oven any time, and without the hassle of waiting.

Curious about the largest pizza network in the Philippines? What about starting your own pizza franchise? Jimini Foods Group offers these and a lot more. Send us an inquiry and learn how we can take your pizza experience to a whole new level.