What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About Your Personality

May 14, 2022 | Jimini Food Groups

It’s the age-old conundrum that humans have been struggling with for decades: what toppings should you get for your pizza? They say that choosing a pizza topping is a very intimate matter. They also say that how you adorn your pizza shows something about who you are as a person. Find out what your favorite pizza topping says about your personality by reading below!

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Cheese – Cheese Galore

Traditional, Reliable, and Fun

Cheese is the classic pizza topping that you’ll find in almost any variation of pizza. Choosing only cheese, like Jimini’s Cheese Galore shows that you’re a traditional and orderly person. You like things a certain way, and you work to keep everything in order. People may think you’re predictable, but everyone knows they can rely on you nonetheless.

But everything changes when you’re up for extra cheese, like Pizza Pedrico’s Cheez and Cheez! Opting for layers and layers of cheese shows that you’re really fun and exciting!

Pepperoni – Superoni

Pepperoni - Superoni

Fun and Popular

Aside from cheese, pepperoni is the most famous topping you can order. If you like to choose pepperoni, you’re most likely fun and popular! You like being around other people, and everyone you know likes you. Some people see you as someone that’s laid back, but you can be serious when needed. But when it’s pizza time, fun is the name of the game for you!

Ham – Ham and Cheez

Jack of All Trades

People who like ham in pizza, especially in Ham and Cheez, are jacks of all trades. You have many interests and have a natural supply of infinite curiosity. Your creativity shines when you work without anyone telling you what to do. With your wondrous approach to the world, you thrive as an independent person.

Pineapple – Hawaiian Hooplah

Adventurous, Bold, and Optimistic

Look at you with your bold choices! Pineapple pizza enjoyers are adventurous, bold, and often optimistic. You don’t let others’ opinions affect your decisions, and you’re motivated to own your life. The pineapple topping splits the pizza community into two, yet you’re not afraid to make your own stand. People like you would enjoy Jimini’s Hawaiian Hooplah which pairs pineapples with ham squares!

Mushroom – Garlic Mushroom Melt

Easygoing, Generous, and Friendly

Mushroom lovers appreciate the small things in life. You have an intrinsic connection with nature, and there is a high chance that you have (or really want to have) pets.

You’re also easygoing, generous, and a good conversationalist. People don’t have any trouble approaching you because of your relaxing vibe. When people are with you, they often feel at peace. Combine that mushroom with garlic and you get a Garlic Mushroom Melt pizza that’s perfect for a chill pizza sesh with the squad.

Sausage – Dynamic Duo

Sausage - Dynamic Duo

Introspective and Serious

You can be quite ill-tempered at times. You are sensitive to criticism and judgments, but that’s not a bad thing. You learn about your own mistakes which makes you a better person overall. You just have to lighten up because it can lead to some grumpiness.

Jimini’s Dynamic Duo partners chunky Italian sausages with pepperoni, making it a great pizza to share with your popular and fun-loving friends! A slice of this perfect combo will surely make anyone smile (yes, even the hot-headed ones!).




Caring and Reliable

If you like veggies on your pizza, you have a moral system that you try to follow as best as you can. It only means that when you care about something, you care deeply.

Part of that system is taking care of your health. When you order pizza, you include vegetables in the toppings to keep it healthy. As someone who likes to think about other people, your friends can always rely on you for emotional support. But be careful and remember to save some for yourself!


Outgoing, Sociable, Extroverted

You thrive in environments where you get to work and interact with other people. If you like onions on your pizza, it shows that you are great at collaboration and socializing. The tradeoff is that you can be chaotic when left on your own. Your strength is when you’re mixed with other people — you’re able to show the better side of yourself that way.



Unhinged and Free

Anchovies is another one of those unhinged choices as pizza toppings. Like the toppings themselves, you are someone that not everyone likes. That makes you unique, and it shows that you have a strong personality. You don’t change yourself to cater to what other people expect of you.

Key Takeaway

Your choice of topping often reflects parts of you when it comes to pizza. But you should remember that no matter what your favorite pizza topping says about your personality, you are still your own person. Like people, all pizza toppings contribute to creating something flavorful anda, delicious — it all just comes down to preference!

No matter the toppings, a pizza is still a pizza. If you’re a pizza enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys the different types of pizza, try Jimini’s different pizza flavors! We carry winning brands that make the tastiest frozen-fresh pizza in the Philippines. Interested? You can learn more about us through this link!

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