Pizza For Sale In The Philippines From Jimini

June 2, 2022

Who doesn’t love pizza? There is no better combination than cheese, tomato sauce, bread, and a whole lot more toppings all baked to perfection. If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food, buying a pizza for sale in the Philippines from Jimini is the key.

Our Pizza For Sale In The Philippines

Order your favorite pizza for sale in the Philippines from Jimini! Choose from endless, mouth-watering flavor options from our different pizza brands that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Our frozen pizza in the Philippines is ready to be baked with no defrosting needed. Simply put the pizza in the microwave or oven toaster for a few minutes until golden brown and you’re good to go!

Jimini Whole Pizza

Jimini Whole Pizza is the best pizza for sale in the Philippines for those who want to serve delicious whole pizzas and pizza bars for their families and friends at the comfort of their homes.

We offer Chicago-style 3 packed, individually wrapped, whole pizzas with flavors like Chori Bacon Blast, Superoni, Cheese Galore, Burgie Joe, Hawaiian Hooplah, Dynamic Duo! Expect generous amounts of oozing mozzarella cheese, burger chunks, bacon bits, chorizo, pepperoni slices, Italian sausage, pineapple tidbits, and ham squares with your every bite.

At Jimini, delicious pizzas come in a variety of forms. Perhaps you have already ordered a round pizza in the Philippines, but what about pizza bars? Try Jimini Pizza Bars and choose from flavors like Chorizo Blast, Bacon Cheese Burger, Hawaiian Supreme, and Barbecue Ranch.

Pizza Pedrico’s

Another tasty and affordable pizza brand for the whole barkada available in the Philippines under Jimini Foods Group is Pizza Pedrico’s. Customers can enjoy a variety of whole pizza and pizza flavors from Pizza Pedrico’s as well as their unique 4-pizza-in-a-box concept. Avail of our pizza delivery in the Philippines and enjoy 4 different pizza flavors in one box, perfect for sharing with your family!

Choose from Pizza Pedrico’s flavor options like Ham and Cheez, Sausage+Pepperoni and Cheez, Garlic Mushroom Melt, Cheez and Cheez, Chorizo and Cheez, Ham+Sausage and Cheez, Ham+Pineapple and Cheez, Hawaiian Supreme, and Meat Lover’s Delight.

Santino’s Supreme Slice

For those who prefer to eat only slices of pizza for sale in the Philippines as their merienda, Santino’s Supreme Slice is the best choice! Enjoy all-supreme savory Italian pizza slices on the go. Choose from the four scrumptious flavors offered: Hawaiian Madness, BBQ Beef and Mushroom, Bacon Sausage Bonanza, and Pepperoni Sorpresa.

Why Buy Pizza For Sale In The Philippines From Jimini

Since our founding date back in 1996, Jimini Foods Group has grown to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of frozen pizza for sale in the Philippines. With pizza brands like Jimini Whole Pizza, Jimini Pizza Bar, Santino’s Supreme Slice, and Pizza Pedrico’s, we continuously cater to pizza lovers across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! Order online for delivery or call us for franchising and catering inquiries.

A Wide Variety of Pizza Flavors

No matter what flavor or topping you prefer, rest assured that Jimini’s pizza for sale in the Philippines will satisfy your cravings! We have more than 25 pizza flavors, so you’ll never run out of options!

Delicious, High-Quality Frozen-Fresh Pizzas

At Jimini, our goal is to make pizzas more convenient to prepare and more delicious than usual bland frozen pizza. With decades of experience and hard work, Jimini Foods Group was able to create a selection of pizza flavors that taste just like freshly prepared pizzeria-quality pizza once baked. You’ll be left wanting more with every bite of our pizza for sale in the Philippines!

Fast Delivery

When you buy pizza for sale in the Philippines from Jimini, you can expect fast delivery nationwide. We also have franchises all over the Philippines. You don’t have to wait long just to satisfy your pizza cravings with Jimini!

Buy The Best Pizza For Sale In The Philippines From Jimini!

With Jimini’s pizza for sale in the Philippines, you can enjoy pizzeria quality pizza at the comfort of your home. Simply put our frozen-fresh pizzas into your oven toaster for a few minutes and enjoy the savory, cheesy goodness. Order now!