8 Interesting Facts About Pizza

September 17, 2022 | Jimini Food Groups

What are interesting facts about pizza?

  1. October is National Pizza Month
  2. The most popular pizza toppings in Japan are eel, squid, and Mayo Jaga
  3. The word “pizza” means “pie” in Italian
  4. The world consumes more than 5 billion pizzas every year
  5. “Hawaiian” pizza was not made in Hawaii 
  6. Pizzas were originally square-shaped
  7. Most people eat pizza on Saturday nights
  8. 36% of all pizza orders have pepperoni as their toppings

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s one of the most popular foods in the world and beloved for its variety of delicious, mouthwatering flavors. You can never go wrong with choosing pizza for your next meal.

But for all its popularity, what do you actually know about this famous round-shaped food in a box? While enjoying a warm slice of your favorite pizza is fun, it can also be fun to know cool facts about pizzas!

As you savor the taste of Jimini pizzas, sit back, eat, and take a look at these interesting facts about pizza!

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October is National Pizza Month

Did you know that pizza has its own month? Those born in October will be happy to know that their favorite food is celebrated in their birth month! It began back in October 1984, and was created by the American magazine Pizza Today. It was, in fact, started by the magazine’s owner — and pizzeria owner — Gerry Durnell. He chose this month because it’s the same month that his magazine debuted. 

So, this coming October, get into the spirit of Pizza Month and explore the different tastes of pizza for 31 days! No need for explanations as to why you’re eating pizza in October because, hey, your reason is valid!

On National Pizza Month, unleash your inner pizza lover by eating your favorite pizza flavor, snap a selfie, and upload it online!

The most popular pizza toppings in Japan are eel, squid, and Mayo Jaga

Japan is well-known for its umami-filled cuisine — it’s why so many of us love Japanese food! And when you think of their fare, the first things that may come to mind are things like miso soup and sushi. But did you know that many locals love pizza? They love it so much that they also have a whole bevy of unusual yet delicious pizza toppings!

In Japan, you can find pizzas that are topped with ingredients like potato, mayonnaise, corn, and even sticky natto. Their most popular pizza toppings are eel, squid, and Mayo Jaga. It might sound a bit unexpected, but you’ll be surprised with how tasty these combinations can be! 

The word “pizza” means “pie” in Italian

Normally, you’ll hear the word pie for pizzas from Americans. But no, older Italians usually use those who are in New York. Did you know that pizza was first introduced by Gennaro Lombardi? He was an Italian immigrant to the U.S. He established a little grocery store in Italy. In 1905, he pursued opening a restaurant which then became the first pizza store in the United States.

This ambition of his started when he would make homemade tomato pies, and sell them for extra cash during his lunch break. Thanks to his hard work, pizzas are popular and enjoyed just about everywhere in the world!

The world consumes more than 5 billion pizzas every year

The world consumes more than 5 billion pizzas every year

If you’re someone who has pizza just about every week, you’re contributing to this impressive number. And of this estimated number of pizzas sold each year worldwide, about 3 billion are sold in the United States alone. That’s a mind-blowing fact, isn’t it? That’s how much people love eating pizzas! 

With a little math, we figured out that this means every person eats around 46 slices of pizza in a year.

“Hawaiian” pizza was not made in Hawaii 

Despite popular belief, “Hawaiian” pizzas are, in fact, not from Hawaii at all. These controversial — yet delicious — chunky pineapple and meaty ham combinations are actually from Canada! 

To be more specific, the person who invented them is a guy named Sam Panopoulous, a Canadian. He invented this back in 1962! Let’s thank him, guys!

Pizzas were originally square-shaped

Italy, as we all know, gets the credit for originally inventing pizza. This was a thick, sponge-shaped dish that they called Sicilian pizza. Its thickness is inspired by focaccia, an Italian yeast bread known for its dense texture. It was also originally square shaped!

Sounds cool, right? This Italian pizza comes with onions, tomatoes, cheese, and anchovies as toppings! Very, very delicious. This square-shaped pizza can also be enjoyed today, and is a favorite for many Italians. 

Who doesn’t love pizza? No matter how you shape it, it’s still a delicious meal!

Most people eat pizza on Saturday nights

At 7:30 on a Saturday night, there are likely thousands and thousands of people searching and hungry for pizza. Compared to the rest of the week, most people opt to satisfy their pizza cravings at this specific time — according to Google Trends. In comparison, not a lot of people eat pizza in the morning, and don’t have that much interest in eating them for lunch. 

36% of all pizza orders have pepperoni as their toppings

36% of all pizza orders have pepperoni as their toppings

We consume about 251.7 million pounds of these meaty toppings for pizza. Not surprisingly, people usually prefer their pizza to be topped with some mouthwatering pepperoni. Who can blame them? With its smoky, spicy flavor, it’s easy to love.

Key Takeaway

These interesting facts about pizza are sure to have you amazed — and hungry for some pizza. If you’re craving some now, don’t settle for less. Try the best from Jimini Foods! We have the best frozen pizzas for sale that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. We have lots of pizza flavors to choose from — with flavors that keep you coming back for more. Try them today by ordering here.