These 6 Frozen Pizza Cooking Tips Are Life-Changing

September 13, 2022 | Jimini Food Groups

What are some frozen pizza cooking tips? 

  1. Defrost the pizza
  2. Preheat the oven
  3. Remove the packaging
  4. Brush the crust with oil for additional crunch
  5. Throw in some more toppings 
  6. Try air frying your frozen pizza

It’s frozen pizza to the rescue for days when you can’t muster the strength to cook a full meal after a long work day. You won’t need a brick oven or fancy ingredients to enjoy a slice of cheesy goodness topped with your favorite vegetables and meats. 

Let’s take your pizza experience up a notch even with this easy-bake staple. Here are some life-changing frozen pizza cooking tips you can try. 

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Defrost the pizza

Things can get wet and moist if you don’t defrost your pizza. 

There is a frozen outer layer left on the pizza since it’s been stored in the freezer. If you don’t defrost your pizza, that layer will melt. Yes, that means that water will be floating on top of the pizza. As a result, the toppings and crust get wet and turn soggy. 

To avoid this pizza disaster, make sure that your pizza has thawed. Leave it on the counter to thaw for about 30 minutes or pop it in the microwave to defrost. Before leaving for work in the morning, you can also transfer the frozen pizza from the freezer to the fridge to let it thaw.

Preheat the oven

Preheat the oven

The temperature of the oven should be scorching hot before you put the pizza in. 

The mistake of many is to put the pizza in the oven immediately. What you should be doing is preheat the oven to its instructed temperature before putting the pizza in. You can check the heating instructions for your pizza to know the right temperature. 

For thin crust pizza lovers, you can achieve a crispy crust by preheating the oven to 300°F or 149°C. 

To be extra accurate, you can also use an in-oven thermometer. This is a device placed inside the oven to give you a more exact temperature reading. 

Remove the packaging

Frozen pizza can come in many layers. Before tossing it in your preheated oven, remove all of its packaging. These are boxes and plastics that can be wrapped around the pizza. 

Leaving the packaging underneath the pizza can lead to a soggy crust and an unevenly cooked pizza. Bake the pizza directly on the oven rack to get a crispy result.

Here’s another pro tip: poke holes in the bottom of the pizza to let trapped air escape. This will give the pizza the same taste as stone-oven baked pizzas! 

Brush the crust with oil for additional crunch

Get your homemade pizza taste like your favorite pizza restaurants with this trick. It adds extra crunch and flavor to its crust. 

Grab a basting brush and a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. Soak the brush and oil and rub it over the crust. As the pizza cooks, the oil will be soaked into the pizza. This produces a subtle yet elevated taste. It also helps the cheese near the crust brown nicely, giving it that additional crunch. 

Throw in some more toppings 

Throw in some more toppings 

The easiest way to elevate the taste of frozen pizza is to add fresh toppings. You can do this before and after baking the pizza. 

Jimini’s Top Your Own frozen cheese base pizza gives you the perfect opportunity to jazz up your pizza. Toss some fresh vegetables like chopped peppers. You can also drizzle barbecue sauce and add in your favorite proteins, depending on the flavors you’re after. 

To add additional texture and flavor, put more toppings after baking the pizza. Baby arugula and shaved parmesan cheese are those perfect toppers that can enhance the pizza’s flavor once it’s done in the oven. 

Try air frying your frozen pizza

You can put your trusty air fryer to use with your frozen pizza, too! Cooking it there gives you an extra crispy crust. However, it can only accommodate smaller frozen pizzas or individual slices. 

The convection heating of the air fryer allows air to circulate your pizza. This quickly heats all the sides and prevents the crust from sagging. 

To bake your frozen pizza in an air fryer, set it at 380°F to 400°F. Heat the frozen pizza for six to ten minutes. This will depend on how thick your crust is. You can also heat it until you see that the crust is golden brown and crispy. 

Key Takeaway

Frozen pizzas are the best solutions for lazy dinner nights. You can follow these frozen pizza cooking tips to bring your pizza experience to a whole new level. 

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