6 Amazing Facts about Pizza

September 5, 2022 | Jimini Food Groups

What are some amazing facts about pizza?

  1. There’s a technical term for the crust
  2. It gives you plenty of lycopene
  3. A pizza has been to space
  4. The most expensive one is $12,000
  5. They’re originally square-shaped
  6. It could help prevent cancer

What is the one thing that you can eat forever? If you’re like most people, pizza is probably the first thing that will come to your mind. But how much do you really know about pizza? We’ve rounded up a few amazing facts about pizza to give honor to everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Pizza is a round, flat dough that is baked and topped with all kinds of ingredients. It’s a versatile dish that everyone loves. Why? It’s because pizza can adapt to different taste preferences. You can make pizza healthy by topping it with all kinds of veggies or you can make it an indulgent treat with overflowing amounts of cheese. But how much do you really know about pizza? Find out every amazing fact about pizza below!

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There’s a technical term for the crust

There’s been plenty of debate regarding pizza crust. Some people love eating the crust of the pizza, while others hate it and remove the entire crust of their pizza slice every time.

We all know that the doughy, cheeseless (or occasionally cheese-filled) edge of the pizza is referred to as the “crust”. But did you know that there’s a technical term for the “crust”? It’s called the “cornicione”, which is pronounced as cornee-cho-nay.     

The term “cornicione” might be familiar for architects or for those who love home improvement. This is because in architecture, “cornicione” or cornice refers to the crown molding on the edge of a building. When it comes to pizza, “cornicione” is the Italian word that describes the raised outer layer. 

If you enjoy a chewy yet crunchy pizza crust, you can go ahead and say you like a chewy yet crunchy cornicione.  

It gives you plenty of lycopene

It gives you plenty of lycopene

Don’t fret, health-conscious people! We all know that pizza is delicious but believe it or not, it is also a healthy dish.  

Lycopene is potent in tomatoes and pizza sauce is made of tomatoes. Each pizza slice has about 2,000 mcg of lycopene — that’s more than half of the lycopene needed in your diet! According to the USDA, 2,000 mcg of lycopene is also the equivalent of eating one-half cup of cherry tomatoes.  

The good news is that lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can help neutralize free radicals that cause inflammation in the body. Eating food that is rich in lycopene is linked to improved heart health and reduced risk of chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers. 

A pizza has been to space

Back in 2001, a six-inch salami was delivered to the International Space Station. This is the first pizza that has been delivered to space. Yuri Usachov, a Russian cosmonaut, was the one who received the pizza delivery. 

The most expensive one is $12,000

If you’re wondering who would spend so much money on pizza, then you’d want to know about this amazing pizza fact. You might be shocked to find out that the Louis XIII in Salerno Italy, also known as the most expensive pizza, has a whopping price tag of $12,000.  

With that, you might be wondering what makes the Louis XIII so special. First of all, it took over 72 hours to make. Second, the dough is aged perfectly. Lastly, some of its ingredients include lobster from Norway, buffalo mozzarella cheese, three types of caviar, and pink Australian sea salt from the Murray River.  

They’re originally square-shaped

They’re originally square-shaped

The look of pizza is instantly recognizable. Its iconic round shape with crispy crust and toppings is mouthwatering. But did you know the shape of pizza wasn’t always round? 

The first mention of pizza dates back to around 1000 AD in Italy and it was said that the square was the original shape of a pizza. Square-shaped pizza was also known as Grandma-style pizza or Sicilian pizza. It was made with Romano cheese instead of mozzarella cheese. 

It could help prevent cancer

A study by Italian researchers claimed that eating pizza regularly resulted in a reduced risk of oesophageal cancer by 59%, pharyngeal cancer by 34%, and colon cancer by 26%. But don’t forget to take this pizza fact with a grain of salt!  

Key Takeaway

In this article are just some of the most amazing facts about pizza that we thought you’d want to know. So, the next time you’re munching pizza, remember that there’s more to them than being delicious, cheesy, and round dishes!  

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